Chand Bagh Foundation Research and Development Centre (RDC) was formally established in June 2008. Since then RDC remained a hub of academic, social and developmental activities. These diverse activities include consultative meetings, curriculum designing, system audits, class room observations, teachers training, diagnostic exercises and reflective sessions. In October 2010, Daanish School staff Training Programme was conducted wherein 4 head-teachers and 48 teachers were trained. Currently housed in the Chand Bagh School Muredke, it has become a growing pulsating organ of the Chand Bagh Establishment.

R&D 4The role assigned to RDC is extensive and varied from devising administrative standard operating procedures to development of a new curriculum in line with contemporary needs and futuristic trends.

RDC’s major goals and objectives are to;

  • Carry out periodic academic and administrative audits.
  • Development of a sponsorship programme for the benefit of financially disadvantaged.
  • Supervise staff activities to ensure that regulatory requirements are complied with.
  • Arrange and conduct training workshops, conferences, seminars and reflective learning sessions.
  • Liaise with existing and prospective donors.
  • Prepare promotional material for the Foundation and the school.
  • Development and Revision of Curricula.
  • Review of recommended textbooks and books recommended for additional reading.
  • Training of Academic Staff.
  • Training of administrative staff.
  • Associate, collaborate, train, share and co-operate with other educational institutions for the purpose of
  • sharingand spreading the benefits of our experience and resources.
  • Development of standard operating procedures as well as review and reform of existing operating procedures.
  • Establishment of benchmarks.
  • Establishment of archives.
  • Establishment of human resource and record section.
  • Review and monitoring of School Publications including News-link, School Magazine, Prospectus etc.
  • Maintain statistics and conduct necessary analysis regularly.


Punjab Daanish Schools staff Training Programme was conducted by Research and Development Centre, Chand Bagh School. It was a 25 days training session. Four Head teachers and forty-eight teachers in all stayed at the Chand Bagh School Campus Muredke for the entire duration of training and attended the training sessionsround the clock and seven days a week.

Training was carefully planned, prioritizing substance and skills to prepare the participants for their respective roles in Daanish Schools and to equip them for swift launching of the schools at the allocated time.

A number of consultants, trainers and administrators were employed to maximize the benefits to the participants and to keep them under training round the clock.As a tool for need evaluation as well as for assessment of trainees five different evaluations were carried out and recorded.

Besides academics, other equally important aspects of life in a boarding school were also covered during the training, including Social and Cultural activities; formal dinners and stage shows; picnic and shopping; living in a closed community; religious and moral issues etc.

At the end of the training each participant was given a Certificate of Participation and a personal Portfolio containing the evaluations. A comprehensive report of this training session was submitted to the Chief Ministers Secretariat. Copy of that report is available at RDC.